There are 80 places reserved for Connect representatives, workshop leaders and guests. A maximum of 7 members of each country will be accepted during the early registration period. After it, registration will remain open until all vacancies are filled. Upon registration, after February 28th, you will receive details on how to proceed with your payment.

  • Registration starts at: 22:00 14/02/2016
  • Registration ends at: 23:59 28/03/2016
  • Deregistration ends at: 23:59 29/03/2016

You can register in this page.


You will be hosted at “La Noria” young residence. See Map.

We will sleep in rooms with 3 or 4 beds each rooms. You can choose between mixed and female rooms when registering.

Please keep in mind that you need to bring your own towels.

Parking: if you are bringing a car, there’s free parking in “La Noria”.


The payment of the fee can be made via bank transference. It is also possible to pay it as a group. Paying in cash upon arrival is not possible!

The deadline for the payment is 6th March. After that day we will open up the remaining spots for people who are on the waiting list.

Conference fee will be 120€ (EUR) per person, including meals, accommodation and transportation to activities.

Registration will be confirmed upon full payment of fee.

IMPORTANT: The conference fee will NOT be returned if you cancel your attendance. IAESTE Spain, IAESTE Malaga, nor the organizing team, bear no responsibility for the potential loss of personal property due to third parties.

Travel costs and everything you spend in the city are NOT INCLUDED in the fee.

Note that the trip fee does not include the additional costs that you might need to pay individually on the trip. This includes entrance fees to some attractions and extra drinks.


Transport to the accommodation

Pick-ups from the airport and the main railway station will be arranged from Wednesday (13th April) onward. After arrival, look for an IAESTE team to guide you to the car. The check-in will be open on 13th Wednesday from 09:30 to 19:00, so please, try to arrive in that time.

After checking-out on Sunday at 12:00, we won’t have any activity scheduled , so you can leave whenever you want or you can just relax on the beach or somewhere else.


How’s the weather?

Subtropical-Meditarranean weather with very mild winters and hot summers.

Málaga enjoys plenty of sunshine throughout the year, with an average of about 300 days of sunshine and only about 50 days with precipitation annually. Its coastal location with winds blowing from the Mediterranean Sea makes the heat manageable during the summer.

In April:

  • Maximun daily temperature (ºC): 20.9
  • Minimum daily temperatura (ºC): 10.4
  • Hours of sun: 229
  • Rainy day (≥ 1mm): 7
  • Humidity (%): 63

Currency and payments

We recommend you to change enough money into “euros” in your origin country before arriving in Malaga, especially if you arrive in weekend, but if you come to Málaga Airport without a “euro” in your pocket, you can change your money into “euros” at the airport (exchange office).

There are ATM all over the city, where you can get currency with international credit cards. Payment by card is usually possible in restaurants, but confirm it with the staff.

Plugs and sockets

The standard electrical current in Spain is 220-240V AC, 50 Hz. If you come from a country with different voltage or frequency, we strongly recommend you to check any device before plugging it.
Electrical devices from some countries may need a transformer and/or an adaptor. Plugs have two round pins (European system), make sure to bringa n adapter for appliances.


Dress code

  • During the conference: smart casual
  • Farewell gala dinner & party: smart casual

Welcome ceremony & welcome dinner (Wednesday, 13th April)

A welcome drink and refreshments are included.

International evening (Thursday, 15th April)

The venue is about 15 min walk from the accommodation. If you have something heavy, we will transport it for you by car.

You will receive a email about items we can buy for you for the (i.e.: napkins, plastic cups etc.) and you will let us know what and how much you need.

City tour & farewell dinner (Saturday, 16th April)

We will take a bus to the city centre and then make the tour on foot. After the tour ends, we will meet at the restaurance. The gala dinner takes place in city centre.