Schedule Connect Conference 2016 WORKSHOP


A – LC Management

WS Leader: Pablo Soriano Iniesta (Spain)

During this workshop we will explore how to keep an LC up and running in the most efficient way, from the point of view of the LC president, or LC board, along with the most engaged people. Who should be in charge of which task?

During this two hours we will share the structures of our LCs to analyze how we manage our responsibilities and where do they fall on. Since time is a scarce resource, we will see how we make the most of it to run our LCs in the most optimal way.

B – IAESTE Marketing & Member-raising

WS Leader: Ben Visser (The Netherlands)

Member-raising is one of the hardest parts in starting LC’s and I believe to have collected quite some useful knowledge on how to do this effectively. This will be a highly interactive and guided brainstorm session where everybody will be coming up with original events and activities. Creating involvement with students ranging from “not a member” to making IAESTE their life.

C – Working group – Exchange

WS Leader: Chaïm de Mulder (Belgium)

The IAESTE exchange rates are steadily going down since a couple of years already. The current approach towards exchange is basically threefold: exchange of Intraweb offers, Continuous Online-Based Exchange (COBE) and the classic AC exchange.

The Connect Region Working Group on Exchange wants to take a closer look at how efficiency in these three systems can be increased, especially through integration of the types of exchange.

This workshop will include a presentation of the group’s work so far and will work with participants to establish both short and longterm goals for exchange tools. The focus for the short term will be on flexible online based exchange, for the long term we will expect and bring some suggestions for the integration part.

To finish off with a more easily digestible touch, the last part of the workshop will handle the idea of an exchange app and the properties this should have.

D – Motivation

WS Leader: Anja Eide Onstad (Norway)

An important part of being a good leader is being able to motivate the people you are leading. Motivated people work harder, show better results and are more happy than unmotivated people. This workshop explores what motivates us as humans and what motivates us as IAESTE-members. You will leave this up-beat WS with tools to better motivate and thus lead others.

E – Summer Reception

WS Leader: Johannes Bäuerl (Austria)

F – Working Group – Jobraising

WS Leader: Jens Bodelsson (Sweden)


G – Project Management

WS Leader: Ben Visser (The Netherlands)

An unavoidable task within every organization is organizing events and activities. Projectmanagement is a skill that’s important for every IAESTE member and over the last three years I’ve also learned a thing or two that I would love to share with you. We’ll be analyzing when certain kind of events will be important, establish the goal that you want to reach and how this can be done most effectively. In the end everybody will have experienced what is it to design a project management plan regarding to their discipline: marketing, acquisition or exchange.

H – 2020 Strategy

WS Leader: Karoline Lekve (Norway)

In the Strategy 2020 workshop we will have a look at the goals accomplished for the strategy and where we are in the process of accomplishing our vision for the organisation. The strategy 2020 document is a tool for accomplishing our vision of more offers exchanged. A year has passed and some of our tasks have been accomplished. We still need to look at what more we have to do and what changes we can make to achieve our goals. This workshop will be about looking at what needs to be done and setting concrete, timely and measurable tasks to be able to accomplish the vision in our strategy by 2020.


I – Human Resources

WS Leader: Matti Lorenzen (CER)

IAESTE can only run in our countries thanks to all theCaptura de pantalla 2016-04-05 a las 15.26.33 voluntarily working students. But why are they actually even considering to spend their time and not get a dime out of it? The key is to find exactly the right things that motivate your members, to reward them in a proper way (Hell yeah,
more t-shirts and drinks!) and give them a meaning and a possibility to evolve. In this workshop, we will talk about basic principles of motivation, member raising, member education and good ways to work together.

J – LC Fundraising

WS Leader: Johannes Bäuerl (Austria)

K – Creativity

WS Leader: Jens Bodelsson (Sweden)

“Have you ever wondered how jobraising would work in an ideal world? A world where Mondays weren’t invented, everyone got breakfast in bed and all cities had climate like Malaga?

Well, the last things are maby to good to be true but why should the things you do in your everyday life be other than ideal?

During my workshop we will try to look at things from another perspective than usual. What will happen if we let our creativity influence more of our daily life? And more important: What will happen if we let creativity influence more of the work we do for IAESTE?”

L – Alumni

WS Leader: Anja Eide Onstand (Norwayy)

Through working with alumni in Norway my most important lesson was this: the mistakes you are about to make, older members have already made before you. In order to prevent this, this WS deals with how your country or LC better can exploit alumni’s wisdom. Furthermore, we will come up with a plan on how to meet the goals of the 2020 international strategy on getting more internships through alumni, here alumni meaning both former IAESTE members and IAESTE interns.

M – Connect Region Development

WS Leader: Karoline Lekve & CoReMa

The Connect Region is still very new and needs some dedicated members and strategies to grow. In this WS, we will look at the current goal and strategies for the Region and consider new goals and plans for the development of Region

N – Leadership / Communication

WS Leader: Matti Lorenzen (CER)

Most of us will have watched Braveheart – Despite being anCaptura de pantalla 2016-04-05 a las 15.31.19 inspiring leader, William Wallace needed a speech of a lifetime in order to motivate his followers to achieve a previously unimaginable outcome. This workshop will (hopefully) be not as bloody but instead filled with useful information on how to communicate to different kind of followers. We will talk aboutleadership styles, ways to analyze your team, and the right way to motivate or criticize when necessary.

O – IAESTE Company Marketing

WS Leader: Pablo Soriano Iniesta (Spain)

We all know the advantages of IAESTE. We are an international organization with a unique network of students, companies, and with great access to talent. We are a valuable option for many companies that operate in international markets, that want to expand, that want to bring new points of view…

Nevertheless, it is our duty to get the partnerships with companies that will lead to internships to exchange. It is a task that requires people and time. Each committee will do it differently, using different resources and focus. During this workshop we will explore how to do marketing using the resources we have, to get the highest possible number of positions.




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